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Our Story

Running an MSP is hard work – we should know, because we’re one too

We built HighGround because we got fed up having the same security conversation with customers over and over again, only for them to ignore our advice and make their security our problem.

During the first COVID lockdown, we were getting bored so we started building security dashboards that we thought would help our customers to understand their cyber security posture and debunk the myth that the more they spend on technology with us, the better their security would get.

When we showed our MSP friends what we were building, it became clear this was a problem all MSPs are experiencing. So, we decided to build dedicatedly to solve the problem for our industry.

We’re bootstrappers, having invested more than $1m so far building what we believe is going to be a game changer for our industry – and hope that we’re living proof something good came out of COVID!

Give it a shot, and email me at to let me know what you think.

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