Information Security Policies

Our Mission is to make Cyber Simple

We all want great leaders in our lives. Those who can motivate and help you grow. Those who listen to us and see us as partners. Those who believe in us and help us reach our full potential.

But who helps them?

HighGround was designed to help today’s great leaders – managers, C-level executives and business owners – achieve more by using tools that make cyber security easy to understand, track and ultimately prevent cyber attacks.

And as our leader and CEO, Mark Lamb, said in May 2021:

‘’Wouldn’t it be cool if business owners could actually see their security in a way they understand? Then they would realise why they need to do something about it.’’

And that’s how HighGround was born.

Our goal is simple – to help you understand, improve and maintain your businesses cyber security, or more succinctly put, we’re…

Making Cyber Simple.

Core behaviours

Care Deeply for Customers

We can be your best buddy. We won’t wait until you make the mistake and stay unprotected from cyberthreats to say ‘I told you so’ – we will be there with improvement suggestions along the way.

Understanding Through Design

Do you remember when you used software and it felt like you were in a labyrinth, trying to find your way out? Well, HighGround is the exact opposite. Everything is easy to use and understand even for 5-year-olds.

Build Powerful Technology

Innovation is at our very core. With us you will improve and evolve constantly – this is no time to worry about being left behind of the competition now, is it?

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Behind every great software, there’s a team of great people. We are no exception, and our dream team are standing by to guide you with their expertise at any time.

Get it done, do it right

By following best practices from NIST CyberSecurity Framework, ISO 27001, CIS Controls and UK Cyber Essentials Plus standards, you can feel at ease that all the data we provide you with is accurate and up to date. It is death by compliance for cyber criminals.

Dream big, empower others

We might be a bit sarcastic, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. We encourage our team and clients to grow with us every step of the way. Everyone needs a little push, right?

Developing a game-changing platform requires expertise from a wide spectrum of fields.

Mark Lamb
Ruler of the HighGround
Cyber Resilience
Mark Riddell
Head Money Maker
Cyber Resilience
Mary Brodie
Director of Counting Pennies
Cyber Resilience
Marion Barnham
Head Lead Whisperer
Cyber Resilience
Scott Tyson
Head Money Maker International
Cyber Resilience
Serhii Liudvichenko
Lead Digital Drawings Creator
Cyber Resilience
Cristi Cornea
Chief Cyber Threat Exterminator
Cyber Resilience
Grant Roy
Lead Code Wizard
Cyber Resilience
Rex Mathews
Lead Mobile Code Wizard
Cyber Resilience
Joel Le-blanc
Brand Defender
Cyber Resilience
Ben Mckillop
Brand Defender
Cyber Resilience

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