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Supercharge your
MSP cyber security sales

Sell more cyber. Built for owners, account managers and sales teams

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Help customers understand their security posture to increase cyber spend


The Status Quo

My customers don’t want to spend more.

My customers aren’t listening.

I’m worried about our customers having a cyber attack.

I don’t have enough time to focus on security sales.

I’m not sure what to include in my stack.


Let HighGround build security

HighGround helps customers understand why they need your services.

HighGround allows you to have better conversations in a way customers understand.

HighGround shows customers the risks they are accepting.

HighGround simplifies and speeds up the sales process.

HighGround builds security packages aligned with best practices and industry standards.

14-day free trial

HighGround for MSPs

Want more sales? Too much liability?

Meet your cyber sales assistant

Security packages

Show customers how you can improve their security with your managed services

HighGround maps your customers security posture in a way they can understand. Get customers on the same page and show them the roadmap to a secure business.

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Security planning

Take your customer on a security journey

Security is never done. HighGround helps you build a security strategy that meets each customers risk appetite – and budget.

MSP Security Operations

Prove your own cyber capabilities and win more business

Businesses are switching to MSPs focussed on security. HighgGround helps you to build trust with existing customers and show prospects you are the safe choice.

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