Cyber security can be such a turn off

It’s human nature to want to know what’s going on. Own your cyber security experience, take control of your attack surface, and open your eyes to a more resilient future.

Cyber security is for everyone, and HighGround.io is definitely for you.

Cyber security made simple

Finally, cyber security the whole organisation can make sense of. Use HighGround.io to capture the essence and get in depth insights into the most critical elements of your security posture. Did you hear that chorus of IT Managers everywhere sighing with happy relief…or was that just us?

Own your cyber security experience

For too long, too many of us have felt like we’re doing cyber security wrong. So we grabbed hold of the contradictions and rebuilt the whole thing. Whether you’re an ask- nicely or shout loudly kind of person, there’s no need to get demanding any more. Your unique cyber security experience is right here. Try it on and discover what the perfect fit really feels like.

Smarter decision-making

Get proactive about security with the power of intelligent decision making. Digestible, data-driven reports boost your understanding of cyber risk leaving you brilliantly equipped to power up your organisation’s cyber resilience.

Made to measure

Measure cyber security spend and impact with laser-like focus. Accurate and actionable insights delivered every step of the way support an unrelenting attitude towards continuous improvement and protecting your business from attacks.


Choice and autonomy feels good. Manage cyber security in-house or select a product to do it for you. Like the perfect pair of underpants, our features work wonders on their own – and even better when they’re layered up. Pick one or many depending on what fits you best.

Verified and ready to share

Shareable and credible. HighGround.io provides benchmarking and scoring to verify your security posture against international frameworks.

One source of truth

Everything you need, packaged up neatly in one place. HighGround.io combines and analyses inputted and live data sources to generate KPI scores and recommendations, and deliver the most reliable picture of your cyber security in real-time.

Compliance, covered

Understand what gaps you need to close and where to sustain best practice to achieve A-grade compliance with cyber security responsibilities and regulations, easily.

Summon the purest version of
the truth

Connectivity is all the rage, and for good reason. Integrating your tools signals the undisputed route towards the alchemy of cyber security…if there was such a thing. Your higher cyber self awaits. Engage with your attack surface and security posture from every dimension and access the most reliable, verified version of events.

When it all falls into place

Need we go on?

Our integrations feature has you firing on all cylinders. Real-time KPIs proven to enhance your business case for cyber security, automated upwards reporting to accelerate decision-making among budget holders, your posture plotted against the NIST CSF Directive to determine your roadmap. Discover what’s possible.

Build your empire with

There’s a time and a place for hyperbole and we reckon this is it. What will you take control of first? HighGround.io offers a value-generating subscription plan to suit everyone, including a freemium package. Compliance features come as standard.

Attack Surface

Get visibility of your organisation’s attack surface and manage the discovery, inventory, classification of your IT structure continuously for better threat intelligence.

Cyber Scores & KPI’s

What’s your CyberScore? Watch as integrating your existing tools reveals KPIs with the power to transform. Explore trends with a view of your CyberScore, CyberThreatLevel and CyberCompliance over time.


Sit back as your cyber security KPI dashboard comes to life through simple wizard-driven API connections. The more connected your tools, the closer you become to your verifiable version of the truth.

Compliance Manager

Also known as your best friend. Build and manage your Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in line with industry best practice and complete your cyber security audit with ease using our templates and guides.

Supply Chain Monitoring

Coming Soon

Action Centre

Welcome to the in-app task manager. Set yourself and others tasks and reminders for all elements of managing your cyber security. Opt for a seamless integration with your favourite workflow tool for a totally holistic experience.

Pro Services

Take advantage of our team’s superpowers that span everything from identifying weaknesses and achieving certifications, to nailing audits, providing expert guidance, and more. Seal all that good stuff with the HighGround.io Standard, and you’ll always be cyber safe and cyber ready.

Managed Security

The ultimate flexibility in how, when and where you need to expand puts you in control. Did we mention our Managed Security Packs are aligned with the NIST Framework? Too much to love, if anything.

What others are saying

Greg Witte

Senior Cyber Security Engineer and NIST CSF founding team member.

In 30 years in this industry, I’ve seen that many tools are either too complex (hindering business application) or too simplistic (limiting technical progress). HighGround.io is disrupting that status quo. Improve your security experience with features that provide actionable recommendations based upon credible frameworks such as NIST CSF.

You don’t need to be
an expert to be a hero.

From undiscovered potential to mature pioneers, all shapes and sizes of cyber security belong in this ecosystem.

Ain’t nobody got time for bad actors.

Change your cyber security story with HighGround.io


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