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Not all superheroes wear capes, and our Pro Services team comes in T-shirts and sneakers. With their super powers they ensure you are cyber ready by assisting with audits, assessments, guidance and more. Ready to meet a real life super hero? Then sign up for our pro services.

Cyber Security

Tackle your Cyber Security Requirements

  • Do you think you have any weaknesses in your organisation’s cyber security posture?
  • Do you need to achieve cyber security certifications to assure your customers or supply chain?
  • Do you have the skills to remediate your vulnerabilities?
  • Or do you simply need expert advice on your unique requirements and want your questions answered?

If you said yes to any of these questions then you know that you are in need of our Superhero Pro Services team.

The HighGround Standard

Credibility is our middle name, but we don’t just say so – we can prove it.

We have created the HighGround Standard, which means that our products and services are compliant with:

  • NIST Cyber Security Framework
  • ISO 27001
  • UK Cyber Essentials Plus
  • CIS Controls

Our team has made a vow to fight against cyber threats and make the cyber world safer. Get your free account and start feeling cyber-safe today.

Cyber Security Applications

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Great rewards come from great commitment and that’s what we want to thank you for. Whether you have a free or paid plan, by choosing our pro services we give you credit to spend on the app. What more can you ask for?

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Cyber Security Assessment

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Cyber Security KPI Dashboard
C-Suite Report

Send your cyber security report to members of your C-Suite. It’s a win-win, you keep the C-Suite happy and you get rewarded by HighGround.

Currently Available
Pro Services

Cyber Security KPI Dashboard

Cyber Essentials

Ideal for complying with the UK Governments minimum standard for cyber security

From £350

Small Business Cyber Security

Cyber Essentials Pre-Assessment

Ideal for those considering applying for Cyber Essentials certification.


Cyber Security Audit

Cyber Risk Assessment

Ideal for identifying your cyber security risks using the NIST Cyber Security Framework

From £295

Information Security Policies

Vulnerability Assessment

Ideal for identifying your security vulnerabilities through active security testing of your IT systems

From £495

Security Assessments

Penetration Test

Ideal for identifying specific vulnerabilities in Network and Web through security testing

£1,200 /day

Cyber Security Planning

Office 365 Security Audit

Ideal for getting a detailed security assessment of your Office 365 environment.

From £295

Cyber Security Report

Incident Response Plan

Ideal for a starting template set of documents to build your business’ cyber incident response plan

From £1,900

Cyber Security Applications

Security Consultation

Ideal for those who want some expert advice on cyber security for their business

£95 /hr

Cyber Resilience

Incident Response Handling

Ideal for ensuring you have certified incident response handlers available to respond to incident

£95 /hr

Cyber Security Planning

Dark Web Report

Ideal for understanding your business’ exposure on the Dark Web


Cyber Security Applications

Premium InfoSec Policy Pack

Ideal for rapidly establishing a strong information security policy ISO 27001 approved policies.


Cyber Security Audit

Premium InfoSec Policy Pack

Ideal for rapidly establishing a strong information security policy ISO 27001 approved policies.


Cyber Resilience

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Ideal for ensuring rapid recovery to IT and Cyber Security incidents, whether locally or in the cloud.

From £3.60 /user /mo

Cyber Security Audit

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Information Security Policies