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As ransomware gang Trickbot faces sanctions… who’s next? 

Another week, another notorious bunch of cybercriminals have their collars felt (virtually) by the very long arm of the law, says Mark Lamb, CEO of 

This week, seven Russians alleged to be linked to the group Trickbot – which attacked hospitals in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic (classy) – were sanctioned by both the UK and the US governments. 

Lamb says, “This is another impactful collaboration between law enforcement that has hit seven key ransomware criminals. This is a great win, particularly so closely in the wake of the Hive takedown, as it once again reinforces the message that ransomware actors are not immune to justice. 

“Conti and Ryuk are two devastating ransomware strains that have caused havoc to organisations, so these sanctions will significantly hamper their operations.”

Lamb says that as more and more ransomware gangs are tackled by law enforcement, people wonder who might be next. 

He says, “With LockBit being so active today, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the next gang to face the heavy hand of the law.”

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