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Simpsons news reader welcoming new robot overlords with a title of ChatGPT

Microsoft brings ChatGPT to cybersecurity – as a co-worker

The future seems to be arriving a little quicker than most people imagined – as Microsoft announced this week that the cybersecurity co-worker of the future will be a robot. 

As part of the global frenzy around ChatGPT, Microsoft is to bring the insanely popular chatbot to cybersecurity in the form of Microsoft Security Copilot

Rather than simply running the GPT-4 generative model which is helping youngsters around the world cheat on their exams, it also runs a security specific model developed by Microsoft. 

Microsoft promises the security ‘bot can do clever things such as look up info on vulnerabilities and deliver information on recent security incidents, based on data from the organisation (which is not shared outside the organisation). 

The way it works is not dissimilar to Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing, with a search box where security pros can type a query, receiving a reply based on the app’s knowledge set (which in this case includes the company’s own data). 

It’s an interesting idea – but could it just be yet another tool for cybersecurity professionals to have to learn to navigate? 

At, we simplify cybersecurity with a dashboard that lets IT Managers and business leaders see their security overview at a glance with recommend actions – no robots or weird conversations with AI required.

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