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Guy screaming in fear with a twister (tornado) behind him representing Patch Tuesday and an IT Manager

Mark Lamb Quoted in Spiceworks on Patch Tuesday which includes two ‘highly concerning’ zero days

Another month, another alarming crop of zero day bugs – it can only be Patch Tuesday. 

This month brings a bumper harvest of fixes for 74 bugs, including two Zero Day bugs which have already been exploited by cybercriminals. 

Our CEO Mark Lamb was recently quoted in Spiceworks, describing it as another “major update” with plenty of vulnerabilities which can put businesses at risk. 

He says, “This month’s actively exploited Zero Days will undoubtedly cause the greatest anxiety.”

“Both vulnerabilities can be triggered without any human intervention, which makes them highly concerning and means patching now is essential. Until these are patched, criminals have two very easy routes into an organisation’s network.”

Fortunately, the solution is simple – patch, patch and patch again – and for God’s sake enable Auto Patch if you can! 

Lamb says, “Most organisations can take advantage of Auto Patch, so the update should pass without too many hitches or interruptions. For organisations who have not yet enabled Auto Patch, this month’s Zero Days should provide them with some motivation.”

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