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Join at InfoSecurity Europe: Finalists in the UK Most Innovative Cyber SME Competition, the cybersecurity game-changer, is thrilled to announce that we are finalists in the prestigious Most Innovative Cyber SME competition at InfoSecurity Europe. It’s been a whirlwind journey, and we are excited to make our way to the heart of the action at one of the industry’s most prominent events. 💪💥 

Entering InfoSecurity Europe as a humble (but mighty of heart) start-up can feel a tad intimidating, with the world’s premier thought leaders in cybersecurity dishing out insights and setting the world to rights. While we may not be at the top of the pyramid yet, we are incredibly proud to be part of this exceptional event and share our vision with the industry. 🌍🔒 

Let’s dive into what has in store for you and where you can find us: 🎉👀 

Meet us at stand number P114. We don’t bite come along and chat even if you don’t want a demo. We know it’s hard to be dragged away by the newest gadgets on the scene but we’re promising home grown IrnBru at the stand. All you have to do is tell us what you think real Scots wear under their kilt. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😄 

Will we, or won’t we? The suspense will be over on Wednesday, 21st at 16:45 at the Innovation Showcase (Stand Q100) where we’ll find out the winners of the Most Innovative Cyber SME. Bring some champers just in case! 🏆🍾 

Mark, our fearless CEO, will be taking the stage not once, but twice. It’s a significant moment for him to address the audience in front of thousands??? Ok yeah, he’s not Beyoncé, but still, we would be overjoyed to see some of you in the room showing your support. So, if you have a passion for Supply Chain or MSPs, make sure to be there. 🎤👥 

  • Don’t let your supply chain hack you: Click here  
  • The MSP’s guide to selling more Cyber Security. Boosting Sales and Reducing Risk: Click here  

In the spirit of sacrifice (ahem, research), we’ll be joining the European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2023 and the legendary Cyber House party. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with industry peers, have some fun, and gather insights for future innovation. If you’re planning on being there, come and say hello. 🎉🎊🍻 

As we gear up with the final prep for InfoSecurity Europe, we are taking this moment to congratulate ourselves as finalists in the Most Innovative Cyber SME competition before the craziness starts tomorrow so, join us at Stand P114, witness Mark’s engaging presentations, and let’s shape the future of cybersecurity together. We can’t wait to connect with fellow professionals, experts, and innovators, as we continue our mission to revolutionize the industry. See you there! 👋🔒💡 

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