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Cybersecurity experts ‘fleeing industry due to stress’

This probably won’t qualify as news to many CISOs – but it’s been reported once again that dealing with hackers who want to torpedo your business all day long is very, very stressful. 

So much so, in fact, that a quarter of cybersecurity leaders aim to pursue different roles altogether by 2025 due to workplace stress, according to consultancy overlords Gartner. 

Deepti Gopal, Director Analyst, Gartner says, ‘Cybersecurity professionals are facing unsustainable levels of stress. CISOs are on the defence, with the only possible outcomes that they don’t get hacked or they do. The psychological impact of this directly affects decision quality.’

Gupta believes that the challenge extends beyond today’s threat landscape and, rather, beams the spotlight on business culture. Read more here

We certainly agree that there’s never been a better time to put your hand up for help – and in light of today’s cyber skills shortage, this industry simply can’t afford to burn out its best talent.  

As if by perfect coincidence, the platform went live last week. And we like to think it’ll take care of you, as well as your cyber security. Give it a whirl and try it for free here

Is there an appetite for this kind of cultural change where you work? We’d love to know.

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