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Notorious cybercrime marketplace seized in ‘Operation Cookie Monster’

In what we believe to be the first cybercrime operation named after a hairy blue Muppet, international law enforcement have seized the notorious Genesis Market. 

The dark web marketplace’s website now bears the logos of the FBI along with dozens of other police organisations in Europe and beyond.

“Genesis marketplace was an invite-only cybercrime institution that held data on account holders from almost all major websites,” our CEO Mark Lamb said in Security Week

“The operators offered customers a pre-made package on victims, enabling them to access accounts and execute attacks quickly, with all the information they needed to commit fraud. Unfortunately, very few victims were aware they had been compromised until money was stolen or goods were purchased, as there was nothing malicious for threat detection tools to alert on.”

Britain’s NCA (National Crime Agency) described Genesis as ‘one of the most significant access marketplaces in the world’. 

The site was invitation-only – but now it’s clearly a club that most members will wish they hadn’t joined. 

Lamb says in another publication, Silicon Republic, “This is another coup for the FBI that follows a long string of recent takedowns. It will be interesting to see if the operators of Genesis are caught, because given the scale of the operation they were running, the FBI will not let them off lightly.”

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