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ChatGPT and the Cybersecurity Landscape: Insights from a US Spy Chief

ChatGPT will make hackers more efficient (but it won’t mean cyber doomsday). As well as coming for all of our jobs, everyone’s favourite AI chatbot is going to be a potent weapon for cybercriminals, a US spy chief has warned. 

But there is a silver lining here – Rob Joyce, director of the NSA’s Cybersecurity Directorate has played down the idea that ChatGPT and other generative AI will be some kind of magic bullet for criminals. 

Speaking at CrowdStrike’s Government Summit this week, Joyce said, ‘The technology’s impressive. It is really sophisticated. Is it going to, in the next year, automate all of the attacks on organisations? Can you give it a piece of software and tell it to find all the zero-day exploits for it? No.’

Instead, Joyce believes it will help crooks craft better phishing lures and better ransom notes – and ‘optimise the workflow’ for cybercrime gangs. 

Joyce also believes that generative AI could be helpful for defence teams – and that we’ll see new tools in the coming year. 

He said, ‘So for the next year we are going to be very focused: what tools come out that will … give us the advantage as defensive folks.’

So far, artificial intelligence is not a substitute for human intelligence, or threat intelligence: at, we aim to simplify cybersecurity with a dashboard that offers an overview at a glance with actionable insights, to boost human brains, even the cyber novice ones. Sign up for a free account to take control of your Cyber Security experience.

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