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Bumper crop of Microsoft patches is ‘sadly becoming the norm’

‘Bumper crop of Microsoft patches is ‘sadly becoming the norm’

In days gone by, this would have been a wakeup call, possibly even a major event,’ warns Mark Lamb, CEO of after Microsoft revealed a bumper crop of vulnerabilities in its first Patch Tuesday of 2023.

Microsoft’s first Patch Tuesday of the year included an alarming 98 vulnerabilities, including eleven rated ‘critical’ and one actively exploited zero-day vulnerability.

The number beats the previous year’s 97 vulnerabilities patched in January 2022.

Lamb says, ‘Sadly this is becoming the norm. These are serious vulnerabilities, and there are a high number of them. Even missing one is a serious concern, but could you imagine if you missed 2 or 3 patch cycles like this? It serves as a powerful reminder that cybersecurity problems are here to stay. We must remain vigilant and continue to do these basics right, as poor patching is still one of the most significant causes of cyberattacks.’

What are you doing to implement a more proactive cyber resilience strategy for 2023? Read the full article here in Spiceworks.

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