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In this day and age, everything is moving fast and so do cyber criminals. Don’t get left behind, stay up to date with push notifications. Everyone needs a little push every now and then right?

Small Business Cyber Security

Instant notifications on your mobile devices keep you informed about potential risks as they happen. Don’t be reactive, be proactive!

How Notifications work

Whether you are a control freak that needs to be in the know all the time or prefer to manage by exception, our notifications are flexible and can match your needs.

Keep the C-levels happy by always being in control and don’t let any cyber threat alarm go undetected.

Small Business Cyber Security

Notifications are controlled in two ways - Sensitivity and Threshold

Notification Sensitivity is a measure of how much a KPI must change before a notification is sent. It is up to you to set that number – it can change by 5%, 20% or 40% for you to get notified!

Notification Thresholds are used to define a minimum/maximum value at which a notification will trigger, regardless of the notification sensitivity settings. You can adjust to notify you if it drops under 50% or 70% or the percentage that you see fit.

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Supress or disable notifications.

Not a fan of notifications or just taking that much deserved time off – then simply supress or disable them.

HighGround builds cybersecurity visibility by always fitting our solutions into your needs – yes, it’s almost like that dream you had.

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Small Business Cyber Security

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