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Build Your Cyber Security As You Go

We remove all the fluff and simply help you get what you really need. How? By visualising and comparing different price and security scenarios.

We may be superheroes but you will be a legend among the C-Suite!

Cyber Security Audit

Managed Security Packs

Managed Security Packs Aligned to the NIST Framework

We understand you already have security tools in place. You might love them or be stuck in contract too – we get it!

Managed Security from HighGround lets you buy only what you need, ranging from basic to more advanced requirements. 

Cyber Resilience
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Plot your Current Posture

You have to understand what your security posture looks like before you can understand where you need to invest to improve it.

Plot your current security posture by importing your HighGround data or by answering a quick questionnaire. Then build from there.

Build Security Scenarios

Build Security Scenarios with Pricing in mind (no guess work)

Our pricing calculator might be pretty cool to play with – but you’ll be deflated pretty quickly if you can’t afford what you are plotting on the chart!

We provide pricing on all security packs individually and in total for your pricing scenario, so you know exactly what it will cost.

Cyber Security Assessment

Save and Send your Pricing Scenarios

We know that what you want, what your customers demand, and what your organisation will let you spend has to be finely balanced.

So having flexibility to create, update and save them is essential. Or simply send them to your email for use in meetings with management or team members.

Cyber Security KPI Dashboard

Compare Scenarios

We are all about making cyber simple, and that comes through visualisation. By overlaying your current posture and various scenarios on top of another another, together with associated pricing on the legend, you can start to really visualise your options.

Even if the options are dizzying and you’re not sure what you’re looking at, your Board is going to be pretty impressed with your scenario planning!

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