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Built by an MSP for MSP’s

Service Provider dashboard

Client security dashboard

Cyber Scores and KPIs

Client technology spend

Integrate tools

Self-monitoring sec ops

Action Center


Custom Controls

Increase sales and reduce risk

The game-changing tool to customise the security stack and improve risk assessments equips MSPs with the tools to clarify cyber for their clients, making sales easier and reducing risks. Let’s dive into the features that aid in achieving these goals

Mitigate risks for MSP’s and their clients

Let’s face it, in the event of a cyber breach, clients often turn to their MSP for assistance or to place blame, regardless of whether they purchased cyber coverage or not. The misconception of Cyber as IT leaves everyone vulnerable to cyber threats. At we flip the script. The platform provides visual KPIs to clarify risk and facilitates crucial security discussions. It empowers MSPs to address client risk tolerance and acceptance and even actively manages organisational security for the MSP to reduce their risk. It’s a win-win

Let’s get to the bottom line – sell more cyber, born out of an MSP’s desire to increase sales and its commitment to safeguard and inform clients, introduces a game-changing approach. Visual KPIs spark conversations about IT spend and reveal low cybersecurity allocations. Next with just a click, the MSP can lead clients to quickly assess clients’ Cyber Score and Threat Level, and then bridge gaps with their tailored solutions. It’s not just selling cybersecurity; it’s selling peace of mind, and is your partner in delivering it

Cyber that just keeps on getting simpler

Cybersecurity becomes simpler with, akin to having a versatile Cyber toolkit at your disposal. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing RMM and PSA tools, allowing MSPs to elevate their cyber game by producing slick-looking security reports to dazzle clients with their cyber prowess. Additionally, it bolsters risk assessments, enabling MSPs to perform more precise and efficient evaluations. effortlessly integrates into the existing workflows and client management processes, streamlining cybersecurity management for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, and reinforcing the ‘trusted partner’ relationship.

The game-changing tool to customise your security stack and improve risk assessments

Equips them with the tools to clarify cyber for their clients, making sales easier and reducing risks. Now, let’s dive into the features that empower them to achieve these goals


MSP’s and MSSP’s have full control over which parts of their clients can access, ensuring a tailored and secure experience.

Client Security Dashboards

Central visibility across all client’s security with the Service Provider and Client Dashboards, to manage all security from one place.

Cyber Scores and KPIs

Help clients understand their security posture with simple KPIs that reflect their security posture.

Client Technology Spend

Show clients where their ‘IT’ spend is going, so they can understand what they are getting for their money and how this contributes to their security posture.

Security Package Bulder

Create highly visual security packages which clients can understand and that are aligned to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, helping them make informed decisions for a robust security posture


Seamlessly integrate with popular IT and security tools, including PSA and RMM tools, to automate data acquisition and for to ensure data is always up to date.

MSP Security Operations

MSPs can improve their security processes and procedures, align themselves to frameworks, track cyber training and demonstrate their cyber power to prospects

Role based access control

Have full control over which parts of your team and clients can access, ensuring a tailored and secure experience.

Action Centre & Notifications

Easily keep track of cybersecurity security work by creating tasks to work on and share with team members. Customised notification settings to help keep everybody on track.

Highground for Service Providers

All features included in base price

  • Client spend dashboard
  • Security package builder
  • MSP Sec Ops
  • Security statements
  • Integrations
  • Action Center
  • Personal NFR account
  • Freemium client licences

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