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With, you're not just tackling cybersecurity; you're transforming it

IT teams in SMEs face unique challenges often overlooked by one-size-fits-all solutions. is different, it gets that budgets are tight, that communicating cyber as a business risk to stakeholders is a struggle and understands the relenting pressure to secure the organisation without breaking the bank.

That’s why was built (by an SME) to simplify cybersecurity and highlight all the crucial areas that need attention. With clear, actionable insights, the platform offers a roadmap for levelling up organisational security, designed with SMEs in mind

The Cyber toolkit for IT Teams simplifies the cybersecurity tool market by consolidating everything into a unified platform, creating an in-house toolkit. Our practical, buffet-style approach ensures easy access to essential features, eliminates worries about missing security areas, and provides actionable insights for effortless risk reduction.

IT Pro with Cyber on the side

IT pros often handle cybersecurity alongside their main IT responsibilities, as hey, who else is there to do it? Whether they feel equipped for the task or not, offers user-friendly metrics, templates, a service marketplace and alerts, bridging the gap between IT expertise and cybersecurity proficiency.

Enough about IT, what about Security Teams?

In SMEs, security teams frequently confront ever-changing threats while working with limited resources and relying on open-source tools. Balancing technical tasks, strategy, and reporting, serves as a cost-effective cybersecurity partner, providing essential features and role-specific insights. It effectively closes communication gaps with stakeholders and enables teams to showcase their value, extending beyond mere cyber-attack prevention.

Don’t dread speaking to the board

Get fluent in presenting cybersecurity as a business risk to the board as has mastered the art of translating tech speak to boardroom jargon. It simplifies the process with role based cyber KPIs and visual reports tailored to each executive’s needs, helping you secure more budget, strengthen security, and meet the board’s expectations.

Cyber Scores and KPI’s

Say farewell to cyber blindness and gain immediate and continuous insight into your organisation’s Cyber Posture and risk. provides simple and visual metrics like CyberScore, CyberThreatLevel, CyberCompliance, ROI, and much more. Reducing risk couldn’t be easier

Attack Surface

Get visibility of your organisation’s attack surface and manage the discovery, inventory and classification of your IT infrastructure continuously for better threat intelligence. Attack surface insights coming soon.

Integrations integrates with existing cybersecurity systems and business tools, automatically leveraging the data for KPIs and insights. Users’ dashboards come to life through simple API connections guided by straightforward wizards. The more tools connected; the stronger organisational security becomes.

Learn more about Integrations
Compliance Manager

Also known as your BCA (best cyber ally). Build and manage Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in line with industry best practice and complete cyber security audits with ease using in-built templates and guides.

Learn more about Compliance Manager
Action Centre

Welcome to the in-app task manager. Easily set tasks and reminders for all aspects of cybersecurity management, whether individually or as part of a team. There is even options to seamlessly integrate your favourite task management tools, providing a comprehensive and holistic experience.

Pro Services Marketplace

Take advantage of an expert’s superpowers that span everything from identifying weaknesses and achieving certifications, to nailing audits, providing expert guidance, and more. Seal all that good stuff with the toolkit and always be cyber safe and cyber ready.

Supply Chain Manager

Whether your team is struggling to manage vendor and partner risks or an SME trying to prove your Cyber credentials to win a big contract, understands the challenges you’re facing. With supplier profiling, continuous security monitoring and customisable sharing of cyber KPIs, this crucial feature allows organisations to efficiently record and manage the risks associated with third-party vendors and partners.

Learn more about Supply Chain Manager

The unsung heroes of SMEs

Cyber needn’t be the dreaded struggle keeping IT and Security Teams up at night. Let be a Cyber ally and get insights that can be acted upon without a dictionary, and user-friendly tools to transform organisational security. With budget-friendly solutions (there’s free forever plans too) and did we mention it speaks board speak?

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Supercharge security not costs




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For individuals looking to improve their organisational security and reduce risk.




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For small teams that are looking to collaborate to reduce organisational risk.




Unlimited users
This Package:

For teams that are looking to reduce organisational risk and secure their cyber supply chain / third parties

This Package:

For teams that are looking to reduce organisational risk and secure their cyber supply chain / third parties

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