Features Overview

A Cyber Security App, Engineered for Growth

Start by integrating your cyber security tools with our app. Then head over to your new Compliance Manager whilst we pull your data and score your Cyber KPIs – and let there be light!

Cyber Security Planning
Cyber Resilience

Cyber Compliance

Your CyberCompliance evaluates how compliant you are based on international security best practices.

Cyber Resilience

Cyber Savings

Your Cyber Savings show the value you are getting from preventing a potential cyber attack.

Cyber Resilience

CyberThreat Level

Your CyberThreat Level is like a country's terrorist threat level but for your business's Cyber Security.

Cyber Resilience

Cyber Score

Your CyberScore is like Credit Score but for your business's Cyber Security.

CEO Dashboard

Apart from the CyberScore, your metrics focus on cyber compliance and cyber savings. These are metrics you understand that can help you run your company and not your company run you.

CFO Dashboard

You love numbers and accuracy, and that’s why your dashboard focuses on cyber investment, cyber savings and cyber ROIs. 

CTO Dashboard

For you Master of all things technical, we have the perfect dashboard that will show you all active threats, active risks and risky users any time you want.

Your Cyber Data Over Time

See your CyberScore, CyberThreat level and CyberCompliance data over time and make more informed decisions. Cyber security governance should be like a walk in the park!

Cyber Security Planning
Cyber Security Planning

Calculating The CyberScore

Do you want to know in depth how the KPIs are calculated?

Then you need to visit the technical drilldown.

Get an overview of the data retrieved from the various tools you have integrated to HighGround with technical drilldown. That’s as much detail as you can probably get your head around.

Meet your Compliance Manager

Your best friend, who is with you during the good times and helps you when things go wrong. Always helping you meet security best practices and shows you how to centrally manage your Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

Cyber Security KPI Dashboard

Connect your existing tools

Connect your tools in minutes and check your integrations’ health at a glance. 

Cyber Security KPI Dashboard
Cyber Security KPI Dashboard

Simple Planning
Effective Execution

Are you planning for the future? Visualise different scenarios for your cyber security and choose the one that fits your needs. 

Cyber Security Report

A Superhero Pro Services Team

Did you know we have a superhero Pro Services team? Their super powers include expert cyber security advice,  finding vulnerabilities and what works best for your business – HighGround to the Rescue!

Cyber Security Applications

The App Your Security Needs

Are you always on the go but still need to be informed at all times? Then our mobile app was built for you. Get instant notifications about your cyber security anytime, anywhere.

Security Assessments

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Information Security Policies