By helping you demonstrate your current security posture in a way that makes sense to the people making decisions. Goodbye technical reports from security tools, hello easy to read KPIs!

We get it – Cyber Security can feel like uncharted territory. HighGround will help highlight the areas you need to bolster to improve your security posture and it will also show you how to align your business strategy with International Standards for security. No more fumbling in the dark!

No wonder! Have you seen some of the technical reports security tools produce? Traditionally, cyber data is presented in a way that doesn’t fit with how the C-Suite consumes other critical data for business management. HighGround flips that on its head. Giving them the information they need to know in a way that makes sense to them.

Our Cyber ROI calculator shows you the potential attacks your connected tools have blocked and attributes a potential cost of that specific attack using government data on the cost of Cyber attacks. Cyber being seen as a bottomless money pit by the CFO is a thing of the past!

Connecting your tools shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. We use APIs to pull the data from your security tools into our dashboard and present it in a way that everyone can understand. Pretty cool, right?

From professional services credit to extra free tool integrations, we make sure HighGround champions are rewarded for their loyalty. As we grow, you grow.

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Cyber Security Planning