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Compliance - Managed

Rely on us to take the stress of compliance off of you with our compliance manager. You can have everything in one dashboard, where you can perform your audits using our templates and guidelines.

And all this is affordable for any budget – just check the pricing page.

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Cyber Resilience
Cyber Resilience

How Compliance Manager Can Help You

If you are poor on time, budget or knowledge – our Compliance Manager is here to help.

You will be provided with the tools and resources to build and manage your Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in accordance with industry best practice.


of UK businesses reported a Cyber attack in the last year.


of businesses do not have a Cyber Incident Response Plan.

Making Cyber Visible

Cyber threats can actually be as visible as stains, we can prove it.

The dashboard shows you how your organisation’s cyber posture is looking at any time. Whether you are under threat or 100% secure, you can know at a glance.

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Audit Your Security

It’s hard enough to build your compliance, never mind staying on top of it.

We give you the blueprints to perform regular audits that you can customise to your own needs.

Worry not – even if you have too many things to remember, we will u you regarding this one 

Cyber Security Assessment

Get Your Free Guides and Templates

We have a variety of different templates to fit your needs. With this process and methodology you need to be dunderheaded to make things go wrong. 

Cyber Security Planning

Be Up to Date With Compliance Statuses

Our intelligent dashboard informs you when you need to update one of your cyber security certifications.

And for your scatterbrained colleagues, we even have push notifications.


What's inside

Everything you need to ensure that the business is meeting cyber security best practices and international standards, is included. Now that you’ve sorted everything out, go treat yourself with a High Ground free account.

Cyber Essentials

Quick access to download the NCSC Cyber Essentials Requirements, store your certificate and perform regular reviews with our pre-written Quarterly Audits procedure.

Incident Response Plan

Download our free Incident Response Plan Templates to get started building your cyber response capabilities, upload your Policies and perform regular reviews using our Incident Response Review Templates.

Information Security Policies

Download our Free Policy pack to get started and upload all of your information security policies to keep them all in one place. Don’t forget to review them regularly and keep them up-to-date.

Risk Assessment

Download our free Risk Assessment guide to understand the importance of identifying your risks and perform the assessments regularly using our Risk Assessments Template.

Annual Cyber Review

Download our free Cyber Review guide to understand the importance of discussing cyber security with your Board and perform them regularly using our Annual Cyber Review Agenda.


Download our free IT BCDR Template to get started, upload your Policy and Standard Operating Procedures, and execute regular recovery drills using our BCDR Recovery Drill Templates.

Cyber Resilience

Get HighGround and protect your business

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