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Unmasking the Deal-Breaker: How Your Cyber Posture Can Make or Break Big Sales

Alright, fellow SMEs, picture this: You’re on the brink of sealing that shiny new deal with the huge prestigious account you’ve been pursuing for five long years. The sales team can practically taste their well-deserved commissions, and it seems like a done deal. But suddenly, one of the techies from the potential client demands to know your Cyber Posture 😱. They want concrete evidence that you’ve got what it takes, with the receipts, to bounce back from the darkest corners of the web and protect their precious data. Now, while you may be frantically Googling “what is a cyber posture and how do I get one,” they have an entire security team working on their side, casting doubt on your credibility as a small fry. 

Are they being paranoid or just drunk on the power of knowing you want the sale at any cost? Well, truth be told, they’re not entirely wrong. Data doesn’t lie. According to the European Union Agency for Cyber Security, between January 2020 and July 2021, 32% of cyberattacks targeting supply chain businesses resulted in data theft and breaches of internal processes and 65% of attacks today happen due to the negligence of a third party. 

But fear not, SMEs of the world 😎! Before Sales starts making voodoo dolls out of you, or the board grills you about your Cyber Posture, this guide will show you how to impress potential clients with your Cyber ninja skills and secure that deal ASAP. 

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Rock Solid Assessment

First things first, get your risk assessment game on point. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks lurking in the shadows. Identify weaknesses and showcase how you plan to address them. Your potential clients want to see that you’ve left no stone unturned in understanding and mitigating the risks that could compromise their valuable data. Here’s a quick FAQ from our mothership on risk assessments  

Armor of Security Measures: 

Equip yourself with an impressive arsenal of security measures that will make your potential clients nod in approval. Show them your state-of-the-art firewalls, cutting-edge encryption methods, and multi-factor authentication protocols. Demonstrate that you’ve built a fortress 🏰around their data, leaving no room for cyber villains to penetrate your robust defenses. 

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Superhero Training Program: 

Every superhero needs to hone their skills, and your team is no exception. Develop a top-notch training program that transforms your employees into cyber guardians. Train them on the latest cybersecurity best practices, from spotting suspicious emails to handling social engineering attacks. Make it engaging, inject your signature humor, and keep everyone on their toes. And don’t forget to document it all as proof, for the ultimate flex on your Cyber Posture. 

Incident Response Superpowers:

When trouble strikes, you need to unleash your incident response superpowers. Show your potential clients that you’ve got a well-rehearsed plan to handle any cyber threat that comes your way. Outline the steps you’ll take in the event of an incident, from isolating affected systems to swiftly restoring operations. Prove that you’re a master of disaster, ready to tackle any challenge head-on. Need help? Check out our free guide on incident response planning

Validation and Compliance Credentials: 

No showcase of cyber posture would be complete without the necessary validation and compliance credentials 🏆. Highlight any certifications or audits you’ve undergone, such as SOC2, Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001, to demonstrate that your security practices meet industry standards. These credentials provide reassurance to your potential clients that you’ve undergone rigorous scrutiny and emerged victorious. 

So now, you’re fired up 🔥and ready to go – that’s great news! But here’s the not-so-great news: These folks love their questionnaires, and they’re going to send you a document that’s hundreds of pages long. You’ll have to answer every single question, ‘securely’ by email, resulting in a never-ending thread. But fear not, for once you conquer that task, you’ll be in the clear and deserving not just of a raise, but maybe even those elusive bonuses floating around for saving the day. 

The moral of this story? As an SME, you’re often seen as the weak link, and you’ll always have to prove your Cyber worth. That’s precisely why we built – to make your life easier during the show-and-tell sessions. And here’s the most exciting part (well, at least for us): our new Supply Chain Manager feature is ready to be launched! So, make sure to check back here at the end of the month for all the exciting details. 

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